Questions on Success

If you dedicate so many hours of life thinking about how to be successful, doesn’t it make sense to stop and think about what success is?

If you close your eyes and think about what success is, what comes to your mind?

Will you be happy when you are successful? Can you be happy any other way?

Have you ever considered the difference between what you want and what makes you happy? Do you know what you want? Did getting what you wanted make you happier?

Are you successful when you are happy? When you get what you want? When you feel good?

Can you be sad and successful?

Are you successful if you’re comfortable?

Is success a state? That is, if you were to freeze the world and check each person, would you be able to say whether they are successful?

What will you do after you are successful?

Is there a condition to success? If so, who decides and how?

Is success a direction? That is, is there a more successful and less successful, as opposed to success vs. no success? //

Can you do anything about being successful? Is it hard work?

Does hard work guarantee success? Can you be successful without hard work?

Can other mammals be successful? How are we different?

Can you be successful while everyone else fails?

Am I successful because I will be successful in the future? Because I was successful in the past?

Can a poor person be successful? Does your view on success depend on money?

Can a lonely person be successful? Does your view on success depend on relationships?

Suppose that you are on an island by yourself. Can you be successful? Suppose that this island now has two persons. Does your definition of success change? How so? And can you be successful then? What if the island had three persons? Or more? On this island, does your success depend on the weather?

Does your success depend on the perception from others?

Does your success depend on luck? Does luck average out over a lifetime?

Can you decide whether you will be successful or not, and make it happen, guaranteed?

Is it wrong to deceive others in order to attain success?

Is it wrong to deceive oneself in order to attain success?

If success is not the framework that you see your life, what other words or concepts do you use for the betterment of your life? Is success a purely Western perspective? Can zen be a substitute for success?

Can you replicate success?

Can everyone be successful in a zero-sum game?

Can anyone be successful in an egalitarian state?

Can you conjure up success? Can you just think a certain way and become successful at that moment?

Can you get closer to success without knowing it?

Can you be successful after you’re dead?

Can you share success?

If you had the secret sauce to success, would you tell others about it? Would they believe it?

If we are going to be dead anyway, does it matter?