In the forest, standing abreast

There are trees that fight for light

They’re slaughtering their daughters for water

Competing brothers one-up another

Catching more light with skyward height

To reach the sun, to greet the one

To strive, to survive, to thrive

On the open field unshielded

There’s a tree flowing free

That sprouted, grew, uncrowded out

Gently breezing, tenderly teasing

Glimmer green leaves receive

Sweet sun’s rays for all the days

Forests envy this one tree

Standing easily and elegantly

No need for greed, peace indeed

Breathing, drinking, and sun bathing

Without hurry, without worry

But without warning a blast is cast

A hundred years pent-up fears

Suddenly struck - forests, fields alike

Air in wind, thickened and thinned

Branches bent and branches broke

Sideways rained across the plains

Branches went and branches croaked

Trunks are swaying while they’re praying

Please don’t snap - please keep grip

Forest trees faced weather together

Lonely trees were blown alone

Those in groups had recouped

Ones in solo had let go -

Of the ground they once were bound

Life in numbers are just like lumbers

We need others, siblings and saplings

Be rooted, ready - included, steady

Thirst, woe - contend, outgrow

Right, enlight - fight, unite.