Past, present and future

That’s a lot to think about. The future is uncertain. When I think about the future, it’s more like what I want to change to become a better person. That’s my kind of thinking. I hope I can help you along the way. I’ve been to some places that you’re thinking about going — places in time. What do I mean?

If you wanted to go to Paris, for example, you might want to ask someone who’s been there before. Well, I’m too poor at the moment to travel anywhere, but say I wanted to. Or if you wanted to go to school. Or a job. Or a relationship. You would be wise to ask others who’s been there and done that. That is, if you were wise. But wisdom is a gift slowly earned. Like sipping on tea and steeping it the second time and the third.

Why should you take it slow when you can get wisdom just by asking?

Because some lessons are best learned in person. For example, if you know that you might get lost in the woods, you wouldn’t ask someone who’s been to the exact place about where to go. Because they don’t know where you are and where you are going. They can only tell you how you can get to where that exact location, not where to go, let alone how to get there. So you ask someone who’s been lost before if you are feeling lost. Been there, done that.

So have I found myself?

It’s a work in progress. I don’t know exactly where I’m going but I know that I’m getting closer. It’s a process.


Do you like talking to people in person or online?


I like in person. Because I can explore people’s minds better that way. You are a deep introvert. You sound like one. On the other hand, I am an adventure seeker. I would rather be outside than inside. I like you. If you don’t like adventures, we can do something else. Like eating, or talking, or walking, or all of the above!

Let’s meet in the middle.


Do you sometimes write down your dreams? Yes. How did I know? Because we think alike.

My dreams are quite different. sometimes it will come true in a few days, sometimes it’s very random like the world is breaking down. Dinosaurs are reborn. Or I will have the same dream as what I have dreamt 7 years ago. Like replay.

My dreams are photoshopped. Stuff gets cropped into and out of things. And sometimes I know I’m dreaming but don’t think about it so much. Can I remember every dream? No. I used to write about my dreams but I stopped. They started to become more real. I would feel good all day every day. It was unhealthy to be that happy all the time. I did nothing else because I felt too good. It wasn’t the life I wanted to lead.


What is a muse without a stage? What is a sage without a student?


June! So where is July? What happened to May? I came after May did. And July always comes after I do.

Are we still talking about months?