A Heed to the Salaryman

i am a salary man i eat salary

dude i want to experience motor cycle

Salary wages are more than enough for a motorcycle experience

yea but i have a car already.. and I am paying like 400 bucks every month and I have to get like addtional… license

Easy What do you want to do While you’re alive

that is the greatest question

Is motorcycle one of them

I want to rule the earth and I am not joking

Then do it Go rule the earth

but i am too insufficient i don’t have leadership i am not smart

Get leadership Get smart You either do what you want or die trying You take no compromises

i don’t know where to start man

One step at a time If you don’t know where you are going but know it’s somewhere over there, take that step to somewhere over there

i see

The worst thing that can happen is you tried, failed, and learned I tell salary man what salary man needs to hear

You have amazing brains Brains good for ruling earth

what do you mean you tell salary man what salary man needs to hear

It’s easy to get stuck in a pattern of thought when each week is the same as others Your thoughts become limited to the environment you’ve chosen to be in New thoughts do not come by often in this environment I throw you a new thought, whether right or wrong, smart or stupid, you decide. But new ideas bring your mind to new places And that’s what I tried to do because you asked I am not much other value to you, other than ideas And it’s all I have to give you other than a motorcycle ride

ah man

You’re open minded and that alone will help you

man why are you so englightened is this the effect of motorcycle

I am no more enlightened than you I just see things different It’s because you chose to look outside where you are now You choose to look outside more, and you will see more, like what I see

wow too much inspiration overloaded

Use it for good

what do u do these days then how do you earn money

I read and write I don’t earn money I don’t need more money for now I need to grow

then how do you pay for sutff??

Savings I made money at my old job Young Soo Harry Shin

you are a brave man june compared to you i feel like i am a coward

Thank you You are not a coward You are a hero unawakened

i am always worried and anxious about things that might happen in the future and I know I should let go, but i can’t

You know what’s scarier than waking up on a couch when you’re 40? Waking up in a king sized bed with a wife you don’t love sleeping on the other side with her back towards you That’s scary.

what the oh i see i get it

You know what’s scarier than having to take the bus to work


Having to pay for a house mortgage to live close to the city for a work that you have to drive a car to which you have to pay monthly for to a job you don’t like so that you can earn the money to pay for all the shit you have That’s scary. You can run away from a lease but not from a mortgage and monthly car payments More isn’t safe, less is safe.

wow that’s is some deep statement man very difference perspective

It’s only truth

different* i never thought about it that way hey we should meet up for a beer sometime

Sure thing